Tailgating Tips: 5 Tips for Making Game Day Fun

Are you planning a trip to the campground with your friends and family to celebrate game day? Check out these easy tailgating tips for making the most of your time at the campground! We’ll show you our favorite hacks for making it easy to entertain everyone!

Easy Portable Trashcan – Pop-Up Hamper

One way to ensure you have plenty of places for used plates, cups, and other trash is to set up a couple of pop-up hampers lined with trash bags! These make perfect portable trashcans because they are lightweight, fold down when not in use, and they’re easy to move wherever you need them. Order this set of two on Amazon for $12.99!

hampers on amazon
Available on Amazon.

Serve Up Cocktails in Mason Jars

Making mixed drinks for your friends and family on game day just got easier when you take along some mason jars with lids. Now, you can put together your favorite cocktails right in the glass, give it a shake, add some ice, and serve without needing a tumbler!

cocktails in mason jars

Keep Paper Towels in Easy Reach with a Flag Holder

BBQ is the staple dish of tailgating, which means you’re going to need a way to keep paper towels in easy reach for clean up. Set up a garden flag holder by your table and put the paper towels on the holder to make it easy for everyone to get one when they need it.

Need a Table Cloth? Use a Fitted Sheet

If you’re in a pinch and you need a tablecloth for your campground picnic table or folding table, twin-sized fitted sheets work like a dream! The fitted elastic edges help it to hug the table and reduce the risk of the wind pulling it out of line or someone tripping over a long edge.

Put Dirty Dishes in a Collapsible Bin

As full-time RVers, we keep two collapsible bins under our RV’s sink to help make it easy to wash dishes when we have a lot to do at one time. You can keep everything more organized by leaving a bin for everyone to put their dirty dishes in and then using your outdoor shower or sink to give everything a good rinse before taking it back inside.

collapsible bin on amazon
Available on Amazon.

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